lunch menu

Lime’s Club Sandwich- bacon, chicken, rocket, egg, aioli and fresh tomato 13.0

Mushroom Crostini- with rocket, balsamic reduction & shaved parmesan  13.0

Chicken, avocado, swiss cheese and pesto on ciabatta                                          12.0

Lime’s BLT with fresh avocado on sourdough                                                              11.0

Steak sandwich on ciabatta with roast onion, swiss, rocket & relish                14.0

Tandoori chicken wrap cashews, spinach, pumpkin, coriander dressing        12.0

Caesar wrap bacon, spinach,egg, ceasar dressing (anchovies optional)         12.0

Smoked salmon and fetta wrap with baby spinach. pumpkin, pinenuts          13.0


Margarita 3 cheese, basil, vine ripe tomatoes and evoo                              15.0/17.0

Prosciutto bocconcini, rocket and truffle oil                                                      17.0/23.0

Seafood prawns, calamari, fresh chilli and rocket                                           17.0/23.0

BBQ meat ham, bacon, beef and sausage                                                           17.0/23.0

Tandoori chicken red onion, cashews and coriander dressing                 17.0/23.0

Vegetarian mozzarella, spinach, ricotta and pinenuts                                    16.0/21.0

Pepperoni and cheese                                                                                                    15.0/17.0

Hawaiian pineapple, ham and cheese                                                                     16.0/21.0


Chicken ceasar bacon, egg, parmesan and croutons                                                21.0

Baby spinach rosemary pumpkin, fetta and pinenuts                                               18.0

Salt & pepper calamari mixed greens and citrus dressing                                      21.0

Seared beef strips cherry tomato, roast onion, rocket, parmesan                     21.0

Tandoori chicken spinach, cashews, pumpkin, coriander yoghurt                    20.0


Salt& pepper calamari with curry aioli                                                                               13.0

Sizzling garlic prawns in olive oil                                                                                           14.0

Haloumi bites with lemon and rocket                                                                                13.0

Lamb and mint kofta balls with cucumber garlic yoghurt                                       15.0

Satay chicken skewers with homemade peanut sauce                                           13.0


Risotto pollo chicken, capsicum, mushrooms in rose sauce                                 26.0

Fettucine king prawns, salmon, avocado, pinenuts, spring onion, cream       29.9

Spaghetti Bolognese (traditional slow cooked beef)                                                26.0

Herb crusted lamb cutlets potato gallette, asparagus and shallots                  32.0

Eye fillet beef herb butter, truffle mash, carrots and parsnips                             31.0

Children serves- chicken nuggets or spaghetti bolognese                                     9.5


garden salad with vinegarette dressing                                                                           8.0

rosemary bread with garlic, cheese and olive oil                                                        9.0

rocket pear and parmesan salad                                                                                          9.0

rustic chips and aioli                                                                                                                  7.0

schiacciata fresh tomato, garlic, red onion, basil and balsamic bread             12.9


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